Journey Planner in a Box

Add our powerful public transport journey planner to any website - for free!

What does it do?

Available as an easy-to-install widget, Journey Planner in a Box allows your website visitors to plan their journey to your premises quickly and easily.

It is fully customisable and allows you to provide visitors with tailored public transport information directly to your premises.

A separate template is also available which lets the user choose both their own origin and destination.


Who uses Journey Planner in a Box?

It has limitless uses, and is typically added on websites for businesses, hotels, visitor attractions, universities, conference venues, public buildings… basically any location staff or  visitors may want to travel to!  


What does it look like?

Three templates are available, with the most popular two shown below.

1. Journeys to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow:

2. User can choose both origin and destinations:


How much does it cost?

The Journey Planner in a Box is free.

You must agree to the Terms of Use when you download the HTML that is added to your website.

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